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2015-16: a celebration of Joel Krosnick’s 42nd and final season in the JSQ.   Astrid Schween to join in September 2016.  (press release




51 years after recording the Brahms Piano Quintet, Leon Fleisher and the JSQ reunite in Dallas with a performance of the great masterpiece.

 (May 15, 2014, Nasher Sculpture Gallery)

JSQ with Leon Fleisher, Dallas 5-15-14

As Leon Fleisher along with members of the Juilliard String Quartet (Joseph Lin and Ronald Copes, violins; Roger Tapping, viola; Joel Krosnick, cello) assembled on stage, it was impossible to be prepared for what followed. From nearly the first sounds, one’s attentions were simply seized and held captive until the end of the concert. In trying to describe this incredible feeling, it quickly becomes impossible to construct an appropriate vocabulary.

This was music making in its pure, concentrated form. From beginning to end, the intensity of the music never wavered from a penetrating, bright heat. A willing suspension of disbelief came about the audience as we witnessed such honesty of musicality. There was absolutely no attempt to force a single sound on any ear as a consistent and natural sense of rhetorical motion enticed the listener to enter the world created on stage. This goes beyond the thoughtful planning and intellectual fussing incorporated into much music making these days. One forgot entirely about structure and style; they were integrated into the experience instead of existing as separate features. Particularly in the final movement, a compelling and dramatic story telling led the audience instead of the usual blasting of sound as loud and fast as possible.

If the broadest definition of technique as the transference of ideas from one mind to another could be applied to this performance, true virtuosity would come close to describing the experience.

from, photo by Andrew Baldwin, courtesy of Nasher Sculpture Gallery



Sony releases the Complete Quartets of Elliott Carter on April 29, 2014.

Sony Classical has reissued the Juilliard Quartet’s landmark recordings of Elliott Carter’s String Quartets 1-4, this time including the Juilliard’s new recording of Mr. Carter’s final Quartet, No. 5 — now a complete historic document.   The recording of Quartet No. 5 took place in April 2013 at SUNY Purchase, NY.  

“Working with Elliott Carter — to help him achieve the fulfillment of the great music he had written — was the never-to-be-forgotten experience of a lifetime.  With the inclusion of our most recent recording, of Mr. Carter’s Fifth Quartet (1995), our voyage is now complete.”  — Joel Krosnick


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